The Outsider #28 – Round 12 review

Round 12: South Sydney 30 defeated New Zealand 10

The Outsider

Another great performance by South Sydney and that’s four wins straight.

New Zealand started the game strongly but they did have the lion’s share of possession. Once we got the ball, momentum swung our way and we started sending troops straight through the middle.

Greg Inglis’ defensive efforts need to be praised, he did at least three try saving plays at the back. His positional play in defence is something that many forget about.

The twins scored two great tries off second efforts and they are having quite the season.

We had two players sent to the bin but that didn’t stop us. The boys looked committed and when faced with adversity they kept on going.

Where to from here?


We have won back-to-back away trips and have started to flex our muscle as a true premiership threat.

We are playing off the back of building pressure and are not taking our foot off the throat.


Still giving away too many penalties and that’s three sin bins in two games.

Until then….

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