The Outsider #16 – Round 6 review

Round 6: South Sydney 26 defeated Sydney 14

The Outsider

Have Souths brought back the ice chips? Wow, what a dominant performance. We haven’t seen Souths like that since early 2015.

With no Sam Burgess and Cameron Murray, every man and his dog had written Souths off but someone forgot to tell the Souths players that they had no chance of winning.

From kick off we turned up and punched holes through Sydney’s middle. We made their multi-million dollar salary sombrero look like something out of a $2 bin at Vinnies.

The only problem with that performance is that we need to do it all again next weekend against Canberra.

The Outsider’s five key areas

Attack – 4/5

Your fearless columnist put on a collared shirt and rubbed shoulders with some of east Sydney’s elite latte and cucumber sandwich hoovers in the Sydney Football Stadium’s Gold Members area. The struggle was real but the beer was good and the view even better. Anyway, what does this have to do with attack? The view from the top showed how weak Sydney were in the middle and how sluggish their d-line was.

After the opening 20, i’m sure we all had our heads in our hands wondering how can we only be 2-0? For some reason we kept punching through the middle but then going out wide for points and coming up with nothing. This lack of creativity in attack is a concern and I am sure that Seibold will be addressing this through the week.

Damien Cook had a great game but is still a bit rough around the edges but he will improve over time. Is he good enough to play Origin? Well that’s not up for me or you to decide but club football is very different to representative football.

George and Tom Burgess were on fire last night. They troubled Sydney all night with their barnstorming runs and post-contact efforts. We cause a lot of damage off the back of their runs as they suck in defenders and get quick play the balls.

John Sutton is a freak, he is playing like he was 17 again. His experience, creativeness, stamina and love for this club speaks volumes. I’m sure even the Coach Potatoes were cheering him on last night after calls for him to retire earlier this season.

Greg Inglis is slowly finding his feet in first grade again and we saw glimpses of the old GI last night. It was great to see him have a smile on his face.


Defence – 4/5

We were in their faces, hitting them hard and whoever from Sydney took a hit up did it like they drew the shortest straw. We absolutely controlled the ruck and we did it without Sam and Cam – we will get massive confidence out of this game.

Our goal line defence was outstanding and how good was it to see the boys putting their bodies on the line and players like Jason Clark coming up with try saving tackles.

Our defence has massively improved since the trials. As I have said before, good defence comes down to having a good attitude.

Completions – 4/5

29 from 35 = 82.85 % We finally hit the golden 80% and look at the performance we got. I have been saying all season that if you complete above 80% then your are odds on to win and dominate the game. Let’s hope that this continues.

Kicking game – 3.5/5

We had some good kicks and some not so good kicks. Let’s just say that this is a work in progress but we are slowly improving. Adam Reynolds is slowly shaking the cobwebs off but he is nowhere near his 2013-14 form with the boot. The best kick of the night didn’t actually happen when Reynolds shaped to but sent it off to Sutton who barged over.

Discipline – 3/5

We gave a lot of penalties away on our goal line but it didn’t cost us this week. Some of those penalties were questionable but didn’t cost us.

Where to from here?


We are improving each game and the players will get a lot of confidence and belief out of the performance.


Not scoring a try until the 37th minute but two tries in the opening 15 of the second half made amends for that.

Adam Doueihi sat on the bench all night and didn’t get a start. I am sure that this will not upset Adam or dent his confidence but you have to wonder what Seibold’s plan is for that utility spot on the bench.

Last week he only got a start in the last 10 because Reynolds came off with a HIA. Seibold also only used 16 players in Round 1.

I can see the logic behind not using the utility every game as things are a lot different with eight interchanges plus most of our forwards have big motors and play big minutes so we usually go into half time with three interchanges and only end up rotating the book ends.

Until then….

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