The Outsider #12 – Round 4 review

Round 4: South Sydney 20 defeated Canterbury-Bankstown 16

The Outsider

Another scrappy Good Friday contest. I mentioned in the preview that if we give Canterbury-Bankstown a sniff it would all be over. We gave them a sniff early on and it was one way traffic from the get-go.

South Sydney had their backs against the wall but they only have themselves to blame for the hole that they dug.

It was a miracle that we got the win especially after being under the pump for so long.

The difference between South Sydney this year and last year is that we didn’t throw the towel in.

The Outsider’s five key areas

Attack – 3/5

We were contained well, Canterbury-Bankstown did their homework and had our left edge on lock. Our predictability in attack could be our downfall.

Overall we went too sideways in attack especially Cody Walker. When he played direct we caused a lot of damage.

A perfect example of playing direct was when Cook darted off to Walker who gave it to Sutton who drifted and put Cameron Murray over for the match winning try. Great work by John Sutton, he really stood up and showed the Coach Potatoes that he still has a lot to offer in first grade. Cameron Murray needs to be locked up long term, don’t worry about losing Angus Crichton.

Greg Inglis’ try was all determination and he is adjusting back to centre well. It’s good to see GI standing up, that’s what we want from him.

Braidon Burns gives me nightmares. If Robert Jennings didn’t come off with a HIA after 5 minutes and then checked out at half time due to double vision, I wonder how much game time Burns would have got.

Defence – 3/5

Our attitude in defence has improved from last year. The players look a lot more committed.

I still don’t know how we got away with this win but our defence played a massive role in it today.

Yes, we missed 23 tackles but our red zone defence was solid and stopped a lot of points.

Completions – 2.5/5

29 from 39 = 74.36% still not the golden 80%. Well, it is costing us momentum and opportunities and better sides will punish us for this.

Kicking game – 3/5

Still not sold on our kicking game, we are missing the precision of Adam Reynolds. It’s hard to judge on the kicking game when you’ve got two part-timers in the halves.

Discipline – 2/5

Too many penalties, the referees are caning us and other sides. We need to really fix up our game and try and eliminate the opportunities to be penalised.

Where to from here?


We won but it was nothing to write home about. The only positive is that we didn’t give up and didn’t take a backward step. We backed our defence and it allowed us to stage a late comeback.


Too sideways in attack, too many penalties and not a lot of creativity.

We will need to be a whole lot better if we are to beat St. George-Illawarra next week.

Until then….

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