The Outsider #10 – Round 3 review

Round 3: South Sydney 34 defeated Manly-Warringah 6

The Outsider

Wow, more of that please. Congratulations to Anthony Seibold for getting his first win as a coach.

Once again Souths went into the rooms up 14-0 but this time they came out ruthless and let Manly-Warringah know by sending Fonua-Blake into Row 7. We get the 2 points and Manly-Warringah go back to their run-down fortress empty handed.

The Outsider’s five key areas

Attack – 4/5

Left side, strong side. Three tries to Robert Jennings and one to Hymel Hunt down the left. Simple passing and good vision lead to a shower of points down that edge. Sometimes we overthink our attack but today showed how simple footy pays off.

Alex Johnston chiming into the backline adds an extra element to our attack. AJ needs to keep this up as his presence was a breath of fresh air. Speaking of AJ, what about that 90 metre try, he could have ran all the way to Silverwater and not even the Screws would have caught him!

Adam Doueihi played well with ball-in-hand and will definitely get a lot of confidence out of today’s game.

Defence – 4.5/5

The Great Wall of Redfern, well we did let in one soft try, who saw that coming? When you hit hard in defence and control the ruck you put the opposition on the back foot. Souths had Manly-Warringah second guessing themselves and wondering what happened to last Sunday.

Wasn’t it great seeing DCE getting sacked, our players chasing kicks and coming up with massive tackles.

Alex Johnston had one of his best defensive games at fullback.

Sam Burgess put an absolute bell ringer on Fonua-Blake, I’m sure Russell Crowe will add that to next year’s Book of Feuds highlights reel.

Cameron Murray was a standout in defence again and is definitely revving the rest of the team up. He is a future leader of this club and I don’t say that lightly.

Let’s hope this defensive attitude keeps up throughout the season.

Completions – 3/5

31 from 40 = 77.5% which is a slightly improvement from last week and not far from the golden 80%. It was frustrating to see us not complete the first set after a try for the first three we scored. We are lucky that we didn’t get punished for that.

Kicking game – 3.5/5

Massive improvement and we got our first repeat set for the season. Adam Doueihi has a great boot on him and is a smart kicker. Rugby union kicking is a lot different to rugby league and Adam has transitioned well.

Discipline – 2/5

We lost the penalty count 11–4 but it didn’t cost us the game. We gave a few penalties away when defending our line but everyone does it these days.

Where to from here?


We only let in one try and we are gelling well as a team. Our young guys are stepping up. It’s only Round 3 though so don’t get too carried away.


Not much except the penalties.

Until then….

Where did they play?

With 40 contracted players, not all can make the First Grade 17. Visit our player tracker to see where everyone played this weekend.

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