The Outsider #1 – Wigan Trial preview

Trial 1: South Sydney versus Wigan

The Outsider

Well, well, well. First teamlist for the year and all the Coach Potatoes are out in force.

They’ve spent all offseason dissecting the list with their preferred spine and who should be dropped to reserve grade to play for Fake Souths.

The Outsider’s Fearless Five


First trials are traditionally the game that your fringe and rookie players populate the teamlist. A select few seasoned campaigners may get a run to get the cobwebs out.

To make it worse we are up against Wigan, an English Super League side, so take what you want out of this game.

Cook versus Farah

Coke or Pepsi? Holden versus Ford? Paper or plastic?

It’s a quick win for the Robbie Farah haters as their man Damien Cook gets the 9 jersey.

Don’t celebrate too hard, starting spots aren’t secured in the first trial.

Cook was given the 9 jersey as Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker are both unavailable due to injury. The only logical solution was to shift the experienced Farah to halfback.

The Twins

We’ve heard the stories across the offseason on how they’ve turned it all around. We heard the same stories last offseason too.

This Saturday the twins have to step up and dominate the game. Their brother Sam is not there to carry the team and they are the most experienced forwards in our pack. It is their time to show leadership and dominance in the middle.

Is AJ the one?

We found out this offseason that Stu Laundy wasn’t the one for Sophie Monk. But the question Souths fans have been asking all offseason is, who will be their One? Inglis, Gagai, Walker, Johnston…even Cook has had his name thrown in the mix.

The Coach Potatoes have put a line through AJ as a good winger but not a fullback.

After a big 2017, AJ has an opportunity to prove himself as a genuine fullback.

What Souths lacked last year at the back was strong kick returns and support play. On the back of a freshly signed contract, AJ gets first crack at turning it around.

New year, new coach

The jury is still out on Anthony Seibold and will be for some time.

He has promised to bring a new playing style. Less structure and more attack.

We heard that last preseason when the Board bought themselves a leave pass for the season with the appointment of new assistant coaches.

Attack wasn’t the issue last year. It was our pathetic completion rates and poor kicking game. We gave too much of the field away to the opposition and were punished for it. When we got into the opposition’s red zone we had no problems scoring points. The problem was getting there in the first place.

Game Day

The Outsider’s prediction

It will be a scrappy contest. Souths will show signs of brilliance and get up by less than 6. May even be a bit of a biff if Wigan niggle the twins.

Don’t be surprised if this lineup changes with a few late additions and players pulling out.

Wherever you’re watching the game, I hope you have a good one. I’ll be back after the game to give you my verdict.

Until then….

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